23 Mar 2008

Free Download E-Book

Beberapa koleksi e-book Civil Engineering yang bisa di download gratis:

Geology Analysis of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
By : R.A Nelson, BP Amoco, Houston T.X
Much has happened in the field of fractured reservoir analysis since the publication of the first edition of this text in 1985। Many more reservoirs have been identified as being fracture-controlled and great strides have been made in the integration of the work and approaches of the many disciplines needed to work successfully with these reservoirs. Indeed, from exploration through blow-down, the effective management of these reservoirs requires the application of multi-disciplinary approaches more than virtually any other type of petroleum reservoir.
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Design and Construction Driven Pile Foundation By : US Department of Transportation
Pile foundations are used extensively for the support of buildings, bridges, and other structures to safely transfer structural loads to the ground and to avoid excess settlement or lateral movement.They are very effective in transferring structural loads through weak or compressible soil layers into the more competent soils and rocks below. A “driven pile foundation” is a specific type of pile foundation where structural elements are driven into the ground using a large hammer. They are commonly constructed of timber, precast prestressed concrete (PPC), and steel (H-sections and pipes).

The CA/T project is recognized as one of the largest and most complex highway projects in the United States. The project involved the replacement of Boston’s deteriorating six-lane, elevated central artery (Interstate (I) 93) with an underground highway; construction of two new bridges over the Charles River (the Leverett Circle Connector Bridge and the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge); and the extension of I–90 to Boston’s Logan International Airport and Route 1A। The project has been under construction since late 1991 and is scheduled to be completed in 2005.(1)

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Standard Handbook For Civil Engineer
Consist of 7 (seven) parts :
Part 1 : System Design
Part 2 : Design Management
Part 3 : Specification
Part 4 : Construction Management
Part 5 : Construction Materials
Part 6 : Structural Theory
part 7 : Geotechnical Engineering
Download Link : http://rapidshare.com/files/102693195/Standard_Handbook_for_Civil_Engineers.zip.html
By : US Department of the Army and Air Force
This manual presents guidance for selecting and designing foundations and associated features for buildings, retaining structures, and machinery. Foundations for hydraulic structures are not included. Foundation design differs considerably from design of other elements of a рдеे because of the interaction between the structure and the supporting medium (soil and rock).

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Joints in Concrete Construction
(Reported by : ACI Commitee)
Download Link : http://rapidshare.com/files/102489255/joint_in_concrete_construction.pdf.html

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